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Incorporating the right talent at the right place helps you transform your organization to new scale of heights. Efficient, Hard Working, Innovators, Inventors and excellent employees is what we recruit at RJS technologies, which feeds the in demand market of various organizations. We understand the importance of recruiting the right talent for a business and therefore invest paramount efforts in equipping aspiring professionals with the required skill set in terms of knowledge as well as expertise so that they can add value to your business processes

At RJS Technologies, the placement service methodology is a complete different process. We deliver the quality talent to the customer, whose satisfaction holds prime importance to us rather than the money making placement services. Making hoax decisions, faking the candidates and promising for a job is just not our way. Through this process we filter the best candidates who are an asset to the talent pool of the company. This makes us one of the few HR consultancy providers in the city to provide free placement services.

RJS Technologies provides comprehensive training modules in JAVA, Microsoft, Vmware and leading IT technologies and the software . The students are well trained with an hands on industry experience which makes them stay ahead of all their competitions in queue and secure the job. This being the stand out feature in our feathered cap, we can hire for you candidates for multiple job roles and positions just under one roof of RJS Technologies. Thus saving loads of time and effort when it comes to looking for credible recruitment services which may cost you fortunes otherwise.

We are a Bangalore based company but that does not restrict our HR consultancy services reaching the entire nation at once. The Team of experts train the talented and prepares them to travel all across India.

Involving ourselves utmost to the profession of HR consulting services, we from our side do the required research on the candidate which also includes the background verification and the genuineness of the candidate. Now, this reduces a lot of effort in hunting for the right candidates as we provide you with the best talent for you to choose from.

  • Reliable recruitment agencies in Bangalore.
  • Employ a transparent process of recruitment.
  • Shortlist Eligible candidates.
  • Filter best In class talent.
  • Employ latest technique to train the candidate.

Our sole motive is to provide top of the line manpower for multiple profiles helping businesses achieve better efficiency by developing a credible as well as valuable talent pool that takes care of their requirements.

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